World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu (No Contest)

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June 11, 2006

What many considered a "Dream Match" between Rey Mysterio and Sabu for the World Championship turned into a nightmare for both competitors. In the end, the match was declared a No Contest by Dr. Louis Rios, meaning that Mysterio retained the World Championship.

Mysterio and Sabu, both well-known for their high-flying ability, did not disappoint the capacity crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom to that end. They also didn't disappoint the fans looking for the hardcore side of the match, as early on they tried to take each others' heads off with chairs.

Sabu nearly had the World Championship won on a couple of occasions, but Mysterio was able to escape the pinfalls after Sabu's signature Arabian Facebuster and a Triple Jump Moonsault.

An ECW alumnus himself, the champion went back to his hardcore roots late in the match by nailing Sabu with a seated senton that put both men through a table. He then Dropped Da Dime, but this time it was the challenger's turn to escape the pinfall.

The two men then brutalized each other some more, with the champion going for another seated senton but landing groin first on a chair. Sabu then threw a chair at Mysterio and set a table up at ringside. At that point, what would be the most brutally hardcore moment of the match also ended up becoming the last.

As Rey stood on the table, Sabu flew at his opponent and caught him in a headlock, nailing a DDT that drove both men down through the table. Champion and challenger both landed hard and awkwardly on the floor, and doctors and officials ran to ringside to check on them. After a consultation, Dr. Rios declared that both men were unfit to continue and the match was stopped. Sabu and Mysterio were immediately helped back to the locker room as the stunned crowd tried to soak in the carnage they had just seen.

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Mysterio receives medical attention after his match

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