Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

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June 15, 2012

Why Kane WILL win

Triple Threat Matches are thrilling, action-packed battles where there never seems to be a dull moment. They're also dangerously unpredictable.

Danger just so happens to be home, sweet home for The Big Red Monster.

There arguably isn't a Superstar who is hungrier for the WWE Championship than Kane. It's been 14 long, excruciating years since the fearsome big man last held the title. That hunger was on full display when The Devil's Favorite Demon drove his No Way Out opponents into the mat with monstrous dueling chokeslams on Friday night's SmackDown.

For weeks, Punk and Bryan took turns playing mind games with Kane, pitting The Big Red Machine against each other as they furthered their heated rivalry. Both Superstars have been punished as of late for opening up Pandora's Box, and more destruction will be on the way this Sunday. It's highly probable that Punk and Bryan get too entangled in their grudge match while Kane lurks in the same ring, leaving the two-time World Champion to capitalize when his foes least expect it.

With a decisive advantage in size and strength, Kane has a wild card seemingly working in his favor, too. AJ has developed a soft spot for the fiery competitor, evidenced by the uncomfortably long kiss she planted on him during Monday's Raw SuperShow. It's quite possible that The Devil's Favorite Demon is fighting for the girl as well as the gold. Now that's a winning combination. (VOTE FOR KANE)

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