What’s happened since the last No Way Out?

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May 23, 2012

Championship changes

The last No Way Out before this year’s, the 2009 edition, saw both World Championships change hands inside the Elimination Chamber. Edge lost the WWE Championship in a Chamber match eventually won by Triple H. Then, the Rated-R Superstar went on to not only steal Kofi Kingston’s spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber, but also win that bout.

So, what’s changed since Feb. 15 2009? Titles – many times over.

Between then and now (May 23, 2012), the WWE Title has changed hands 21 times and the World Heavyweight Championship 22 times, respectively. Going further down the card, the Intercontinental Championship has changed ownership 15 times, the United States Championship 13 times, the WWE Tag Team Championships 13 times and the Divas Championship 15 times.

Phew …

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