What you didn’t know about No Way Out

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May 23, 2012

It was cagey

Big Show slams JBL into the cage at WWE's No Way Out 2005 pay-per-view.Throughout much of its history, No Way Out had an on-again/off-again relationship with the most intimidating of wrestling devices, the steel cage. The flirtation began in 2000, when No Way Out played host to the sixth-ever Hell in a Cell Match – an exacting contest between WWE Champion Triple H and Cactus Jack. (WATCH)

From there, No Way Out’s courtship of the metallic mesh only grew more intense. At the 2001 edition, The Game again found himself inside a cage, only this time as part of a Three Stages of Hell Match against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The multi-fall event comprised three separate bouts: a standard singles match, a Street Fight and, lastly, a Steel Cage Match.

After a four-year breakup, No Way Out and the steel cage rekindled their warm feelings in 2005 with a rarely seen Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match between WWE Champion JBL and Big Show. Three years later, No Way Out became the first pay-per-view to feature two Elimination Chamber Matches the same night. That tradition carried into 2009 before No Way Out was phased out of the lineup and a dedicated Elimination Chamber event sprouted in 2010.

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