John Cena def. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match

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June 17, 2012

John Cena pulls Big Show back into the steel cage by his leg during their match at WWE's No Way Out 2012.

With Mr. McMahon and John Laurinaitis each keeping concerned eyes on the action from ringside, Big Show displayed his scary strength by standing on the top rope and yanking WWE’s white knight into the air by his neck. From there, The World’s Largest Athlete attempted to launch all 441-pounds of his massive body onto a vulnerable Cena.

The splash would have certainly been the end of the Cenation leader had he not had the presence of mind to roll away from impending doom at the last second. Calling upon an internal strength that few humans possess, Cena then proceeded to stop Show from escaping from the structure by pulling him back into the cage by his leg.

It was a dramatic turn of events from there as Mr. McMahon halted Laurinaitis from interfering in the bout, only to accidentally drive the cage door into Cena’s head when the General Manager tackled The Chairman from behind. Dazed and rattled, Cena stumbled directly into a devastating chokeslam from Big Show, but somehow managed to power out before the three count.

Frustrated, The World’s Largest Athlete decked both the official and Cena with his nuclear warhead of a fist and attempted to walk out of the cage while they both lay motionless on the canvas. There was a problem though. Brodus Clay was standing on the other side of the door with a steel chair in his hand.

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