WWE Champion CM Punk def. Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match

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June 18, 2012

Kane made his biggest impact of the battle when he prevented Punk from sealing a victory with a Go to Sleep on Bryan, dragging the "Yes!" man out of the ring to the arena floor. The Devil's Favorite Demon then hit a ferocious flying clothesline off the top rope and Punk countered with a flying elbow drop, but neither competitor was able to land the decisive blow. Following a brutal chokeslam that nearly took the last bit of energy out of The Straight Edge Superstar, Kane tried to finish off Punk with a Tombstone piledriver, which prompted AJ to come rushing down to the ring.

The Diva's interference couldn't have been timelier as Punk somehow escaped out of Kane's clutches and shoved Kane into the ropes just as AJ was waiting on the apron. The collision sent AJ flying to the arena floor and left Kane clearly shaken over what he had just done. From there, it was time for The Big Red Monster to Go to Sleep.

Immediately after the bout, Kane rushed to AJ's aid and lifted the seemingly injured Diva into his arms, gripping her tightly as he walked up the entranceway. When The Devil's Favorite Demon got to the top of the stage, however, AJ opened her eyes and let out a sly smile as she flashed a glance back at Punk, who was celebrating his huge win in the ring.

The priceless look on AJ's face said it all. It was billed as a Triple Threat Match, but there was a volatile fourth threat that ultimately tilted the odds in the WWE Champion's favor.

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