WWE Champion CM Punk def. Kane and Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match

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June 18, 2012

Right when Punk found an opening to rally back, Bryan came out of nowhere and nailed The Second City Savior with a dropkick at the turnbuckle, quickly followed by more vicious kicks on Kane. With The Big Red Monster subdued temporarily, Punk looked to gain the advantage with a superplex on Bryan, but Kane interfered and pulled him off the top turnbuckle. The WWE Champion tenaciously kept fighting back against The Big Red Monster, leaving Bryan, still sitting atop the turnbuckle, time to recover and capitalize with an impressive split-legged dropkick that sent his two foes tumbling.

After more intense seesaw action, Punk appeared to be on the way to victory when he executed an amazing clothesline off the top rope as Bryan sat atop Kane's shoulders. The Straight Edge Superstar soon followed with his savage flying elbow drop, but it wasn't enough to keep Bryan down for the count. The former World Heavyweight Champion responded with a high-risk maneuver of his own, drilling Punk with a diving headbutt off the top rope, and trapped him in the excruciating "Yes!" Lock. The WWE Champion remarkably reversed the submission into a near-pinfall, in a repeat of the controversial finish between the two rivals at WWE Over the Limit.

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