WWE Champion John Cena & HBK def. World Heavyweight Champion Batista & Undertaker

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February 18, 2007

At No Way Out, Undertaker learned that the age-old saying still rings true: payback is a b*tch. The Animal dished out a cold serving of revenge to the Deadman, demolishing him with a vicious spinebuster and leaving him for dead (pardon the pun) as Team Raw capitalized and took home the victory.

It was a collection of champions in Los Angeles as four World Champions (including two reigning) shared a ring at the same time in the biggest tag team main event in No Way Out history. The fans looked forward to this matchup for weeks, and it showed as the capacity crowd blew the roof off the Staples Center in support of their favorite Superstars.

Coming into the contest, nobody knew how the teams would co-exist. With the respective duos set to face each other in just over a month in the main events of WrestleMania, there was more than just pride on the line. For most of the match, the duos worked as cohesive units, performing smooth double teams and covering each other's backs at every turn.

At one point late in the match, Team SmackDown appeared poised to finish off the Raw duo. Undertaker and Batista delivered stereo signature maneuvers, punishing their opponents with a Chokeslam/Spinebuster combination that left their opponents prone to defeat in the middle of the ring. Seconds later though, Batista stunned the Staples Center crowd, lifting and dropping his partner and WrestleMania foe to the mat with a crushing Spinebuster. The Animal promptly exited the ring, leaving his partners lifeless carcas to the Raw's proverbial wolves.

Seizing the opportunity, Cena and Michaels picked up the scraps and put the finishing touches on the Phenom. Sweet Chin Music from HBK propelled Undertaker into the waiting arms of the WWE Champ, who followed with an F-U and a pin for the win. As No Way Out went off the air, Batista rolled back in the ring and stood over his fallen WrestleMania challenger.      

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