The Miz def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

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September 21, 2014

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The “moneymaker” is back on top after a month-long setback. Thanks to a timely distraction and a grab of the tights that went unseen by the referee, The Miz was able to unseat Dolph Ziggler from the throne that is the Intercontinental Championship.

Exclusive post-match interview with The Miz

It was a bout that Ziggler had control of for a fair majority of the match, especially early on. The Showoff took it to Miz from the onset and was doing everything right … up until he went for his signature DDT, that is. Miz was able to shove Ziggler away and right into a devastating boot to the champion’s noggin.

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Once the match started going his way, Miz delivered a few more kicks and stomps for emphasis, and continued to work Ziggler over until he missed with a tried-and-true weapon in his own arsenal. As Miz went for his corner-to-corner clothesline through the ropes, Ziggler exploded with energy to cut off the challenger with a devastating clothesline of his own.

Following a quick flurry, Ziggler dumped both himself and Miz to the outside with another clothesline. After tossing Miz back into the ring and trying to re-enter himself, the champion and challenger’s “stunt doubles” got involved. “Damien Mizdow” swept The Showoff’s foot out from under him and sent his face crashing into the canvas. R-Ziggler tried to come to his friend’s aide on the outside apron, only to be assaulted by Mizdow as well.

Mizdow’s confidence got too big for his own good, however, when The Miz’s stunt double called out special guest commentators Florida Georgia Line. The musical duo, who had taken to the commentators’ table before the match and announced they would perform at WWE’s Tribute to the Troops later this year, responded by shoving Mizdow hard on his back, allowing R-Ziggler enough time to recover and chase Mizdow into the back.

Back in the ring, both Miz and Ziggler each came within seconds of victory. Miz was able to get his shoulder up after a huge superkick from Ziggler, then again after the Intercontinental Champion countered Miz’s agonizing Figure Four Leglock and landed the Famouser.  With Miz still stunned, Ziggler lined up his challenger for a match-ending Zig Zag. However, Mizdow returned from the back and jumped to the outside apron. Though he ate a superkick of his own for his troubles, Mizdow had distracted Ziggler just long enough for Miz to sneak up behind the Showoff and roll him up – handful of tights and all – for a title-switching three-count.

Miz and his stunt double followed the victory with a wild celebration as Ziggler, watching on in complete dejection, felt the weight of the Interncontinental Title come off his waist.

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