The Miz def. Fandango

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September 15, 2013

DETROIT – In an unannounced addition to an already jam-packed Night of Champions, The Miz picked up an “awesome” – albeit painful – victory over his fleet-footed foe, Fandango.

For weeks, the outspoken rivals have circled each other in and out of the ring. Distractions during each other’s matches, sneak attacks and a highly physical dance-off on the Sept. 13 edition of SmackDown set the Superstars on a collision course, and, before thousands of WWE Universe members in the Joe Louis Arena, they finally clashed in a “must-see” grudge match.

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Fandango grabbed the momentum right off the bat, using powerful knees, elbows and stomps to soften up Miz’s midsection. “The Awesome One” returned fire, but his flamboyant opponent – with the help of a distraction from his beautiful dance partner Summer Rae – kept the pressure on, mixing graceful footwork with hard-hitting offense like a brutal Baryshnikov.

When the action spilled to ringside, Miz went for a high-risk leaping attack off the apron, but Fandango caught him with a rib-rattling mid-air kick to the torso. Back in the ring, Miz turned things around with a series of clotheslines. Focusing his attacks on Fandango’s leg, the former WWE Champion answered his opponent’s pin attempts with his own in the back-and-forth battle. After dropping Miz, Fandango threw caution to the wind and went to the top rope for his signature leg drop, despite heavily favoring his leg.

Barely avoiding the devastating maneuver, Miz immediately locked the Figure-Four Leglock on a dazed Fandango, getting the tap-out for the hard-earned submission victory. Despite picking up the huge win over his rival, Miz was hardly in any condition to celebrate, with his torso as battered as his opponent’s leg.

The WWE Universe knows that Fandango loves to cut a rug. But now that the rug has been pulled out from under him, what’s the masterful dancer’s next move? When his leg is up to it, it’s very possible he could be looking for retribution, and “The Awesome One” would be wise to watch his back.

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