Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion Randy Orton

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September 15, 2013

The momentum shifted repeatedly from there until both combatants found themselves struggling for position on the top rope. Bryan managed to hook The Viper in the tree of woe and teed off with a series of kicks that may well have rearranged Orton’s internal organs. He then scored with a unique superplex that sent the champion flying while Bryan remained atop the turnbuckle. Launching himself across the entire length of the ring with a spectacular flying headbutt, the fan favorite came within a millisecond of winning the title.

Watch some of the most heated clashes between Bryan and Orton

As champion and challenger continued their physical chess game, the original referee returned to the match. At that point, Bryan dodged an attempted RKO, scored with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head and then launched his knee directly into Orton’s forehead. Just as he had defeated John Cena at SummerSlam, the wildly popular Superstar beat The Viper to once again become WWE Champion.

As an ecstatic WWE Universe in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena cheered their hero on with chants of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” it became clear that all was right in WWE. No puppet masters. No corporate maneuvering. No outside interlopers. Just one man proving (again) that he had what it takes to be a champion. Maybe that’s what’s best for business.

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