Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion Randy Orton

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September 15, 2013

Still, the deliberate stride seemed to benefit The Viper early on. Always clinical in his approach to the mat game, Orton slowly picked apart his challenger with sinister stomps and an ugly clothesline that undoubtedly earned Bryan a trip to the dentist. For a moment, it seemed as though Bryan may have lost his nerve. As Orton gripped his opponent by the beard and cracked him with a headbutt, the spirited Superstar’s fire was nowhere to be found. And then something clicked.

Suddenly moving in fast-forward, Bryan outsmarted the champion with a backflip off the top rope before connecting with a hurricanrana, a missile dropkick and a gutsy dive to the outside. The momentum was decidedly in Bryan’s favor before The Viper connected with a DDT from the apron to the arena floor.

Witness Bryan's journey to the WWE Title

Calling upon some deep reserve of willpower, Bryan pulled himself back into the ring only to face more punishment at the hands of WWE’s Apex Predator. Narrowly avoiding an RKO, Bryan connected with a dropkick, which knocked the champion into the official who tumbled out of the ring, unconscious.

With a new referee now in the ring, the battle continued with both Superstars showing obvious signs of wear. A tightly cinched in “Yes!” Lock seemed to spell the end for the WWE Champion until, somewhat impossibly, Orton grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold.

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