Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion Randy Orton

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September 15, 2013

DETROIT — As if it wasn’t already clear, Daniel Bryan is not the type of guy who takes “No!” for an answer.

Disrespected by WWE COO Triple H, disrupted by The Shield and disgraced by WWE Champion Randy Orton at every turn, Bryan had been belittled by the powers that be since the moment the WWE Title was snatched away from him at SummerSlam. But at Night of Champions, the irrepressible Superstar refused to be denied.

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Finally given a fair chance in a match that Triple H vowed would have no interference, Bryan defeated the Superstar who was hand-selected as the “face of WWE” to once again win the WWE Title. Repeatedly told that he was too small, too unorthodox and too alternative to be a WWE Champion, WWE’s “Yes!” Man proved his corporate doubters wrong in the place where champions are truly born — the ring.

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If Bryan’s insides were burning with contempt for Orton and WWE brass, he didn’t let his anger overwhelm him. Beginning the bout at a measured, confident pace, the submission specialist targeted the WWE Champion with wrenching armlocks and blistering strikes. The rabid “Yes! Yes! Yes” chants from the WWE Universe may have caused a less experienced Superstar to speed up and tire himself out early, but Bryan was clearly working with a game plan.

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