Feature exclusive pay per view event content on your website or Facebook page now!

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October 14, 2013

WWE has made official pay per view event content available for display on any website. Follow the instructions below to use the only WWE approved pay per view event widgets or Facebook tab.

What's In It

The widget displays the latest exclusive pay per view event articles, photos and videos created by WWE, updated every 15 minutes. It serves timely messaging to your fans, with a call to action to watch a live pre-show, main event or recap and highlight content depending on when a viewer sees the widget.

How to Use It

It's as simple as inserting a YouTube video. Insert either of the tags below into your site's HTML or into your content management system. Please note that you cannot display both widgets on the same page.

The widget automatically updates with the latest data from the most recent pay per view event, so you only need to install it once.

There are three options available:

Facebook Tab — Easily added to any Facebook Page

Click here and follow the instructions to add the WWE PPV Facebook tab to your Facebook page.

300x400 — Ideal for mobile display and right-rail placement on a blog or article page.

Insert these tags:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://secure.wwe.com/widgets/partner/embed.js"></script>  

<div class="wwe-widget" data-widget="ppv" data-size="small"></div>

600x400 — Ideal for above-the-fold display on any web or tablet page.

Insert these tags:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://secure.wwe.com/widgets/partner/embed.js"></script> 

<div class="wwe-widget" data-widget="ppv" data-size="large"></div>



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