Divas Champion AJ Lee won a Fatal 4-Way Match

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September 15, 2013

DETROIT — Call it a reality check.

Three weeks after AJ Lee verbally eviscerated the stars of E!’s “Total Divas” in a scathing tirade on Raw, the outspoken Divas Champion defeated Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella in a Fatal 4-Way Match to retain the title and back up her big talk.

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That’s not to say that AJ took on her opponents with the heart of a champion. Attempting to flee the arena as soon as the bell rang, the unpredictable Diva’s fight or flight instincts kicked in as she recognized that her three opponents were unified against her.

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The “Total Divas” alliance didn’t last long, however. Knowing full well that the title could change hands even if the champion wasn’t pinned, Brie Bella took out her castmates with a double clothesline, setting off a veritable free-for-all. AJ may have dismissed her opponents as vapid, wannabe Hollywood starlets, but she clearly underestimated the technical prowess of Natalya, the raw athleticism of Naomi and Brie’s dangerous cunning — all of which were on display in this bout.

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Each of the challengers came within a one count of winning, but it was Natalya who seemed to have victory in her grasp as she applied The Sharpshooter to Naomi and Brie at the same time. Instead, the maneuver offered a perfect opening for AJ, who blasted the Hart Dungeon Diva with a well-placed boot to the back of the head. The Divas Champion then locked in the dreaded Black Widow to secure a submission victory.

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Say what you will about the divisive AJ Lee, but when trash talking and backstabbing were pushed aside, she proved that her rivals truly didn’t have what it takes to lace up her Chuck Taylors. Now that’s reality.

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