5 fun facts about Night of Champions

Alberto Del Rio is 0-3 in World Title Matches

Alberto Del Rio may be The Essence of Excellence, but that excellence has not translated in World Title competition at Night of Champions. When World Championship gold is on the line, Del Rio’s record is an unfavorable 0-3.

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The Mexican Aristocrat’s first WWE Title reign came to a close at Night of Champions 2011, when he fell to John Cena. In 2012, Del Rio switched roles from champion to challenger for a match against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Yet again, he was dealt a setback, losing to The Celtic Warrior. Most recently, as the defending World Heavyweight Champion in 2013, The Essence of Excellence fell to Rob Van Dam by disqualification when he refused to break the Cross Armbreaker, despite the fact RVD reached the ropes. At least in that case, Del Rio managed to leave Night of Champions with the title still around his waist.