Broski Royale: Can Ryder leverage his Battle Royal success?

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September 17, 2012

One attribute that jumps to mind is perseverance. Ryder is nothing if not a scrappy fighter, and persistence pays off in the every-man-for-himself format where a key strategy involves hanging on to the ring ropes for dear life. Long Island Iced-Z is also endlessly confident, as announcer Matt Striker pointed out during the 2009 ECW Battle Royal. (WATCH) Even under the most mundane circumstances, confidence is never a bad quality for a Superstar to possess.

But in the realm of a Battle Royal, it is absolutely essential. How else would an up-and-coming Ryder outlast veterans like Tommy Dreamer and Goldust, not to mention a hungry Sheamus, in 2009? Before he won the Great American Bash Battle Royal in July 2012, did anybody really give Ryder a snowball’s chance of overcoming a crowded field of Superstars that included CM Punk, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Big Show? (WATCH)

Ryder also possesses good instincts. Bodies fly all over the ring in Battle Royals, and attackers appear out of the corner of one’s eye, without a moment’s notice. The resourceful and deceptively quick Ryder, however, has averted many close calls. He won July’s Battle Royal by low-bridging a charging Kane, causing The Devil’s Favorite Demon to spill to the floor. On Sunday, he similarly low-bridged Titus O’Neil, and he won the whole kit and caboodle by reversing a powerbomb by Tensai.

When analyzing Ryder’s success in this arena, it would appear that all roads point to the Royal Rumble Match. The most revered spin-off of the Battle Royal concept, the 30-man spectacular also boasts the highest of stakes: a guaranteed title opportunity at WrestleMania. To date, Ryder’s record in the Rumble is less-than-stellar. Combining his two appearances in 2010 and 2011, Ryder has spent less time in the Royal Rumble Match than Michael Cole lasted in his single outing. This year, Ryder was not even a participant, having been laid up by Kane. Could 2013 be Ryder’s year?

Royal Rumble Match implications aside, broskis in the WWE Universe have long recognized Ryder as a skilled Superstar, and his track record in Battle Royals more than supports their viewpoint. Now, it is up to Long Island Iced-Z to apply what he has learned in that specific match format and apply it to his broader WWE career.

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