Kane & Daniel Bryan def. WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

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September 16, 2012

BOSTON — The trust falls and anger collages have paid off: Former anger management classmates Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston, ending Truth & Kingston’s nearly five-month reign with the titles. Now, WWE’s most dysfunctional duo is also its top tandem. (PHOTOS)

In a rare example of animosity breeding continuity, the team of Kane and Bryan gradually gelled before the WWE Universe’s eyes. The huge winning pinfall, however, came under less-than-amiable circumstances: Moments after Bryan saved Kane from a Kingston top-rope hurricanrana, Bryan forearmed his own partner and shoved him off the rope. By doing so, Bryan inadvertently pushed Kane squarely onto Kingston, leading to the championship pinfall.

Kane and Bryan vacillated between bouts of surprising teamwork and complete disharmony. The first few tags in and out of the ring were hard slaps, not simple tags. An early attempt at a double-team maneuver backfired on the challengers, and the lightning-quick Truth & Kingston repeatedly took advantage of Kane & Bryan’s inability to get on the same page.

A brief shoving match even broke out, though Bryan — perhaps remembering lessons learned in Dr. Shelby’s anger management courses — thought better of coming to blows with Kane and instead suggested they “hug it out.” Kane obliged, and the sold-out TD Garden exploded in support.

“It's the night of champions, and two guys just ... hugged,” color commentator JBL said in astonishment.

The shoves-turned-hug, though, opened the door for the reigning champions to pounce. Kingston hit a Boom Drop on Bryan and as Kingston lined up for Trouble in Paradise, Kane pulled Bryan to the floor, saving him from what would have almost assuredly been a match-ending strike by Kingston. From there, the champions began to fly. Kingston nailed Kane with a baseball slide and followed up with a somersault dive onto Bryan. Seconds later, Truth went for a pescado on Kane, but The Devil’s Favorite Demon simply sidestepped it, causing The Rapping Superstar to crash face-first on the floor.

Back in the ring, Kingston set up Kane for the top-rope ’rana, but then Bryan’s invaluable save came into play. An accidental top-rope splash later, and Lilian Garcia announced new tag team champions.

Following the bout, each man took credit for the championship victory. Hoisting his Tag Team Championship overhead, Bryan screamed at Kane, “I am the Tag Team Champions.” Kane, not to be outdone, insisted that he was “the Tag Team Champions.”

Regardless of whether the unlikely duo will be able to maintain their unity over the long haul, there is no denying that Kane & Bryan maintained their uneasy alliance long enough to enjoy a decisive win.

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