WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena ended in a draw

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September 16, 2012

With Punk perched on the top rope, Cena threw Punk backward in a stunning German suplex, a move that seemed to signal victory for the West Newbury, Mass., native. However, as the pink-and-black clad ring warrior’s entrance music blared throughout the arena, Cena’s victory celebration was cut painfully short as referee Chad Patton’s ruling was made public: Both Superstars’ shoulders were pinned to the mat when the three-count was made, thus ending the bout in a draw. As a result, Punk’s 300-plus day WWE Title reign rolled on. Not content with merely besting Cena, Punk laid out the then-unsuspecting Cenation leader by striking the challenger with the WWE Title itself. “Respect” indeed. (WATCH: CHAD PATTON EXCLUSIVE)

Punk’s crusade for respect has been about more than the WWE Championship, and it’s unlikely that he’s going to be satisfied by his victory at Night of Champions. As for Punk’s association with the Original ECW founder, this “Paul Heyman guy” is keeping us all guessing.

But what of Cena? It remains to be seen how The Cenation Commander-in-Chief will respond to this controversial hometown defeat, but as is always the case with the Superstar that truly personifies “hustle,” “loyalty” and, yes, “respect,” Cena won’t take this disappointment lying down.

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