John Cena's home court (dis)advantage

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September 12, 2012

More personal yet, it was in Boston last November that Cena first learned that his younger brother had been diagnosed with brain cancer. When WWE returned to Boston this past March on the road to WrestleMania XXVIII, Cena was informed that his brother was “winning the war,” he said.

“Both events in TD Garden, both days on the days we were to perform in Boston, is when I got the news,” Cena explained. “It’s weird, because those don’t have to do with athletic achievement, but they're definitely the two most memorable nights I’ve had in the Garden.”

This Sunday, however, Cena will have his opportunity to bolster his in-ring resume in Boston when he guns for an unprecedented 11th WWE Title. Cena and Punk have already traded blows under the auspice of a WWE Title Match in Punk’s homeland; last year’s historic showdown at Money in the Bank, won by Punk, was held in Chicago’s Allstate Arena. Two weeks ago, Punk again bested Cena in the Second City, costing him a Falls Count Anywhere Match against Alberto Del Rio on Raw.

According to Cena, parallels can be drawn between the two cities.

“There are a few cities that are true landmarks on the WWE map: New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal,” listed Cena, before adding, “Boston’s one.”

These cities, WWE bedrocks all, share one commonality, he said.

“The thing you find out in all of those cities, whether you're from there or not, is passion,” Cena observed. “It is what it is, and Boston's one of those interesting crowds that provides a ton of energy. I love it. I love it.”

Cena has no qualms showing his love for Boston, but come Sunday, will the WWE Universe return the favor? “Go big or go home” is a popular ultimatum in the sports world. At Night of Champions, John Cena will try to do both. (HOW TO WATCH)

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