Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes def. World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes (World Tag Team Championship Match)

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June 29, 2008

DALLAS -- At Night of Champions, Ted DiBiase made good on his promise to beat World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly, along with his mystery partner ... Cody Rhodes.

For the past month, DiBiase had taunted Rhodes & Holly, refusing to reveal the identity of his partner, but nonetheless promising that he would obtain championship gold in his first WWE match. The third-generation Superstar's debut came at a time when the World Tag Team Champions were having trouble meshing like they once had. Rhodes & Holly lost several non-title matches, and each time, DiBiase was there to rub their noses in it. Meanwhile, Rhodes & Holly's relationship took on a more adversarial nature, as Holly insisted that the second-generation Rhodes follow his lead.

DiBiase entered the ring unaccompanied at Night of Champions, saying that his partner was on the way, causing the bell to be rung with no sign of the "Priceless" Superstar's partner. As the match got underway, DiBiase demanded that he face Hardcore Holly first. As the veteran Superstar approached DiBiase, Cody Rhodes attacked Holly from behind, revealing himself as the mystery partner in question and allowing DiBiase to decimate Rhodes' former partner.

What hasn't been revealed at this time, however, is why Rhodes would change sides so abruptly, selling his partner and mentor up the river. Though DiBiase was dependent upon Rhodes to win the World Tag Team gold, Rhodes could have maintained the championship alongside Hardcore Holly. Instead, the second-generation Superstar decided to combine his wrestling legacy with another son of a wrestling great, putting the team of Rhodes & Holly out to pasture, and creating a new team with a priceless pedigree and championship gold around their waists.

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