WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino def. Sgt. Slaughter & "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka

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June 24, 2007

HOUSTON -- Deuce & Domino thought they were going to have an easy night.

Deuce, with his girlfriend Cherry at his side and Domino taunted our fans at ringside. The WWE Tag Team Champions had issued an open challenge to any team that wanted to take them on at Vengeance: Night of Champions, and no one had answered. They thought former World Tag Team Champions Tony Garea & Rick Martel, who were at ringside, were their challengers and showed they had no respect for the legends who paved the way for them, taunting and calling them "has-beens." But then Deuce & Domino stopped laughing once they heard familiar music suddenly start blaring at the Toyota Center.

Familiar Army drum music started pulsating in the arena, and fans greeted Sgt. Slaughter as he marched to the ring. And then the music of Sarge's partner started blaring.

"Super-Super-Superfly!" Fans leaped to their feet as they saw WWE Hall of Famers Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Sgt. Slaughter march down to the ring. Two weeks ago, before Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night turned tragic, Snuka indicated that he wanted to "fly again."

And Sunday night at Vengeance, he surprised our fans -- and especially Deuce & Domino -- when he and the Sarge answered their challenge. Slaughter and Snuka were tag team champions with separate partners in the old National Wrestling Alliance, and the Sarge is a former WWE Champion. But incredibly, gold eluded Superfly in his long WWE career, and it appears he wanted to fly one more time for a chance at a world championship.

Unfortunately for Slaughter & Snuka, nostalgia could not overcome youth. After initially reeling from an onslaught by the legends, Deuce & Domino maintained their composure and ultimately grounded Superfly. Deuce even mocked Snuka by attempting to execute his patented Superfly Splash -- and missing. Ultimately, he pinned Superfly when he countered a flying body press from the top rope with a roll up.

Boos rained down on the brash duo as they continued to abuse Slaughter & Snuka after the final bell rang, prompting Tony Garea & Rick Martel to rush to the ring and show Deuce & Domino why they were champions.

Deuce & Domino slinked back to the locker room, holding both their knotted-up heads and their WWE Tag Team Championships. Sure, they were still the champions, but they soaked in nothing but catcalls and expletives yelled by our fans. But Deuce & Domino didn't care.

"We're on top of our game," said Domino. "We like the fifties. Sometimes we think we're in the fifties, but those guys they wrestled like they were in their fifties or late fifties, maybe even their sixties, seventies and eighties. I don't know how old those guys were, but man they were old."

"It wouldn't have mattered if those guys were in their twenties, no one can rumble with Deuce & Domino," Deuce added.

Meanwhile, Snuka, Slaughter, Garea and Martel stood tall and soaked in a standing ovation from the crowd, showing Deuce & Domino they have a long way to go until they will be considered true legends.

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