World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def. The Hardys

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June 24, 2007

HOUSTON -- In their rematch for the World Tag Team Championship, The Hardys tried to take a page out of the Cade & Murdoch playbook of sportsmanship. Unfortunately, it was an act of unsportsmanlike conduct from the challengers that made the difference, as Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch came out victorious to retain their gold.

After winning the titles, Cade & Murdoch told The Hardys that it was Matt & Jeff who truly were the unsportsmanlike duo. So, at Vengeance: Night of Champions, the challengers tried to live up to that claim early, using closed fists, hair pulls and other "unsportsmanlike" tactics that our fans normally wouldn't see out of them.

Meanwhile, the champions wrestled a clean match…for the most part. Using a sound strategy of attacking Matt's injured knee, Cade & Murdoch kept it clean until the perfect opportunity arose.

As Jeff attempted to climb the turnbuckles to apparently nail Cade with a Swanton Bomb, Murdoch provided a momentary distraction to stop Jeff's ascent. Matt then ran into the ring illegally, forcing referee Chad Patton to rightfully restrain him and send him to his corner.

With the referee's back turned, Murdoch regrouped and shoved the recovered Jeff off the top rope. Cade immediately followed up with a modified sit-out powerbomb to pin Jeff and retain the gold.

After the win, the champions alluded to their original victory over The Hardys and looked to this one as proof of their dominance.

"Apparently, the first time we beat The Hardys, it wasn't enough for the public," Murdoch said. "Tonight, we went out there and solidified the fact that we are the number one tag team in WWE."

"Come on," Cade interrupted, "if we were injured and The Hardys beat us for the tag team titles, would the public accuse them of winning only because we were injured? Heck no! They had a lot of momentum coming in, but we proved that we are the best."

Whether it was sportsmanlike or not, Cade & Murdoch took advantage of a moment of overzealousness from their challengers to walk out of Houston with the gold.

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