Divas Champion Alicia Fox def. Eve

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July 18, 2010

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Alicia Fox continued her streak of Divas Championship dominance over the Raw Divas at Money in the Bank by defeating her nemesis, the former titleholder, Eve. The Foxy Floridian beat Eve for the second time in less than a month and continues to prove her "haters" wrong by maintaining strong momentum as the Divas Champion. (PHOTOS)

The butterfly-emblazoned Divas Title was up for grabs in a Fatal 4-Way Match at Fatal 4-Way in June and then-Champion Eve ran the risk of losing the title without being pinned or submitted. Alicia Fox knew what was at stake in the match-up and captured the coveted butterfly without pinning the champion. Although Eve did invoke her rematch clause on Raw after losing the title, the new Divas Champion used nefarious tactics - feigning an ankle injury - to gain the upperhand and defeat her rival in singles competition.

However, this charade compelled Raw's anonymous General Manager to establish this rematch for the prized title at Money in the Bank - a hard-fought battle inside the Sprint Center over the Divas Championship. For Eve, she sought not only to reclaim the top Divas spot on Raw, but also retribution. But Alicia was out to prove herself as a dominant champion and that was just the right motivation she needed heading into the match.

Focusing her attacks on Eve's lower back, and finishing the job with a powerful scissor kick, Alicia showed the WWE Universe that she was indeed Raw's leading Diva, defeating Eve to retain the title and silence the naysayers, this time without using a dubious strategy to secure a victory.

As the Divas Champion continues to build on her momentum and has bested virtually all of Raw's Divas, one simple question remains -- is there anyone who can stop Alicia Fox? Right now, one thing is for certain: The Foxy Floridian is sexy, smart, powerful and a force to be reckoned with on Raw.

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