WWE Money in the Bank 2014 predictions

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June 27, 2014

Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match

WWE Hall of Famer @HowardFinkelI submit my prediction based on the uncertainty of Bad News Barrett’s injury status at press time. This might be considered as an upset pick, but I’m selecting Kofi Kingston to walk out with the contract Sunday. I’m basing this on stamina, agility and endurance — three of Kofi’s greatest traits that, to me, will have him shock the WWE Universe. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

@JoeyStylesSeth Rollins asked Triple H to allow Ambrose into the match so he could face Dean Ambrose head-on, but I don't buy The Authority's charade. Ladder Matches have no disqualifications, so there is nothing stopping Triple H from sending Ambrose crashing and burning, while Rollins claims the golden ticket that is the Money in the Bank Contract. Rollins has WWE management behind him, and that can be the difference between being WWE World Heavyweight Champion and being just another name in the “WWE Encyclopedia.” WINNER: Seth Rollins

Jake Grate: With all due respect to the competitors in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match, I am looking even more forward to this Contract Ladder Match, which boasts a bevy of WWE’s top high-flyers. Although all eyes will be on the captivating Rollins, his former Shield “brother,” Ambrose, will be the one to claim the priceless World Title opportunity. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Bobby Melok: This Ladder Match features a group of Superstars willing to risk anything to have a guaranteed title opportunity, but Dolph Ziggler stands out from the pack as the one that most needs a big win. The Showoff hasn’t been the same since losing the World Heavyweight Title (at last year’s Money in the Bank event, ironically). That, and his willingness to risk it all, makes Ziggler the man to watch Sunday night. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

John Clapp: Hubris might have gotten the best of Seth Rollins. The Architect might insist he needs Ambrose to be in his sightlines Sunday, but his demand for The Lunatic Fringe to be added to the match will be his undoing. Ambrose is a vindictive wild card who cares little about his own body. I’m not convinced he cares about the opportunity that comes with winning the contract, either, but I’m positive he'll stop at nothing to deprive Rollins of said opportunity. WINNER: Dean Ambrose 

Dean Ambrose: 2, Kofi Kingston: 1, Seth Rollins: 1, Dolph Ziggler: 1

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