Paige def. Naomi – Divas Championship Match

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June 23, 2014

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BOSTON – Paige faced one of her fiercest challenges yet when she defended her Divas Championship against Naomi at Money in the Bank. The Funkadactyl came up short in her quest to become Divas Champion, though, when Paige pinned Naomi after hitting her with the Ram-Paige.

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The title contest was incredibly physical from the start, as the two Divas traded blows outside the ring while Naomi’s fellow Funkadactyl, Cameron, watched on with odd delight. More aggressive than usual, Naomi showed off her athleticism by diving over the top rope onto Paige at ringside, then put her in a variation of a surfboard submission. Paige countered The Funkadactyl’s arsenal of maneuvers with her own, trapping Naomi in the agonizing Stump-Puller submission. After Naomi rallied back and hit a Splitleg Moonsault, it appeared she had her first Divas Title locked up, until Paige stunned the Diva with a Ram-Paige DDT.

Naomi had defeated Paige in a non-title contest on WWE Main Event two weeks ago, proving she’s a worthy challenge for the young Divas Champion. However, the victory also seemed to stir up trouble between Naomi and her fellow Funkadactyl.

Cameron, who recently lost to Paige but boisterously reveled in Naomi’s WWE Main Event victory over the Divas Champion, watched at ringside and behaved in a way that left the sold-out TD Garden abuzz in confusion. For whatever reason, Cameron clapped after Paige earned the hard-fought victory, yet quickly jumped to her partner’s side with a big, consoling hug. Despite their recent minor squabbles, the “Total Divas” pair appears to be working through their issues, but only time will tell what the future holds for the dancing duo.

Is this the last Paige has seen from Naomi … and from Cameron? Watch all the Diva drama unfold Monday nights at 8/7 CT on Raw on USA Network!

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