Adam Rose def. Damien Sandow

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June 29, 2014

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BOSTON – The party is coming! The party is coming!

PHOTOS: Adam Rose extinguishes Paul Revere's flame

Boston’s favorite patriot, Damien Sandow, dressed as Paul Revere, didn’t get enough warning about the Rosebud invasion when he fell to WWE’s resident partygoer Adam Rose at Money in the Bank 2014. 

Sandow, dressed as one of the heroes of the Revolutionary War, had a few choice words for the Boston faithful and triggered a “lemon alert” to bring out Adam Rose.

The leader of the Rosebuds got an early advantage, but things quickly turned on the Musha Cay native as Revere turned things around, at one point proclaiming “The elbow is coming! The elbow is coming!” only to get a two-count on Rose.

With his Rosebuds cheering Rose from a distance, Rose looked to change his fortunes for a short time and got the upper-hand on Revere with a series of right hands. Revere, obviously scouting his opponent, countered Rose’s bronco buster with an exploding clothesline from the corner.

With momentum at his side, Revere applied the Terminus on Rose for another two-count. With frustration setting in, Revere attempted moonsault from the second rope, only to find the canvas. Rose quickly took advantage of a stunned Revolutionary hero and took his foe down with the Party Foul for the three-count and effectively put out Revere’s flame.

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