Who most needs to win a World Title Match contract at Money in the Bank?

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July 10, 2013

Winning a Money in the Bank Ladder Match virtually guarantees that a Superstar will become a World Champion, which is why this weekend’s multi-man melees are, simply put, among the most important matches of the year.

In total, 13 Superstars will be vying for two World Championship Match contracts on pay-per-view Sunday. One field, competing for a WWE Title Match contract, is made up of veritable all-stars, established warriors who have excelled under the bright lights of the main event. The other contest, with a World Heavyweight Title Match contract hanging in the balance, consists of seven brash Superstars on the rise, four of whom weren’t even on the WWE radar before last year.

But which of these warriors needs to win a World Title Match contract the most?

That’s the question we posed to you, the WWE Universe. Now that the votes have been tallied, see which five Superstars you believe should view this weekend’s ceremonies in the direst terms.

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