WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns def. The Usos (Kickoff Match)

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July 14, 2013

PHILADELPHIAJimmyJey Uso appeared to have The Shield’s number in recent weeks, but that wasn’t the case during Sunday’s Money in the Bank Kickoff, which streamed live on the WWE App, WWE.com, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox Live, YouTube and Yahoo. In a fast-paced contest that had the WWE Universe hanging on the edge of its collective seat, WWE Tag Team Champions Seth RollinsRoman Reigns defeated the twin brothers to retain their titles when Rollins hit a turnbuckle powerbomb on Jimmy, leaving him vulnerable to Reigns’ devastating spear.

Jey Uso tried to end things quickly, catching Rollins with a series of roll-ups and backslides.  When Rollins escaped and tagged in the ruthless Reigns, Jey tagged in Jimmy for a sequence of hard-hitting double team maneuvers.

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The Usos asserted their dominace of the bout further, until a vicious clothesline from Reigns sent one of the brothers crashing to the hard concrete outside, giving The Shield the advantage. Jey eventually reached his brother Jimmy, who took out Reigns and Rollins with a huge dive to the floor.

However, Jimmy hesitated before going for his trademark top rope splash, enabling Rollins to set Jimmy up for a top-rope suplex. Jey tried to counter with a back suplex of his own from the ropes, which Reigns countered with a powerbomb that send all four men crashing to the canvas and brought Philadelphia to its feet.

The Usos rebounded quickly and looked to have the championships won after Jimmy’s breathtaking splash, but Roman Reings broke up the pinfall.

In the midst of a fray outside the ring, Rollins yanked Jimmy from the top rope, then hurled him into the turnbuckles with a vicious powerbomb. Jimmy stumbled helplessly right into the path of a Reigns spear, sealing the victory for The Hounds of Justice in a bout that had the sold-out Wells Fargo center on its feet.

Now that The Shield have cast aside the first team to truly test their championship rule, who will be next in line to challenge the dominant team of Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns?

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