Exclusive interview: Rob Van Dam discusses WWE return

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July 10, 2013

WWE.COM: What went through your mind when you were suspended and lost both the WWE Title and ECW Title so quickly?

VAN DAM: I had dropped the ball and that was very disheartening. It was definitely a low point for me. It was in Philadelphia, just like this Sunday, and I wrestled Big Show for the ECW Championship. After the three-count, all the fans were chucking their litter into the ring. The disappointing vibration of that went straight to my heart. I rolled out of the ring down to the floor to avoid the debris and I felt so low.

WWE.COM: You mentioned that you didn’t think becoming WWE Champion was in the cards until you changed the playing field. Do you feel like you were being held back and you were forced to change the playing field to get to the top?

VAN DAM: You could say that if getting to the top was indeed my goal, which it never was. I was always happy with whatever cards life dealt me. I did feel like there was a glass ceiling above my head and I could only get so far because I stuck true to myself. I was okay with that. Several times, people like [WWE producer] Bruce Prichard and Shane McMahon pulled me aside and told me I needed to build a relationship with [Mr. McMahon] and tell him I was his man and to give me the ball. But I thought my work stood for itself. I thought they were telling me I wasn’t going to get much further.  So I got the love, the connection with the crowd, the respect and the vibration that I feel when the fans are chanting, “RVD.” If I get that and I get paid then I accepted that as my position.

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