WWE Money in the Bank 2013 predictions

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July 13, 2013

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Howard Finkel: You’re always going to get an optimum effort from Chris Jericho when he’s in action. I wonder what Ryback’s mindset will be this Sunday, as apparently he does have some compassion that showed through this past Monday. Whether that lessens his focus toward Jericho remains to be seen, but when the dust clears, I see Ryback emerging victorious. WINNER: Ryback

Tom Herrera: Justin Gabriel learned the hard way what you get for calling Ryback a "whiner.” Chris Jericho — who has dubbed his Money in the Bank opponent "Cryback" — would be wise not to overlook The Human Wrecking Ball's hunger for destruction. As quickly as Ryback's mood has changed as of late, he could easily pull another 180 and turn back into a merciless beast. WINNER: Ryback

Alex Giannini: As much as I’d love to see Y2J down “Cryback,” I just don’t see the legendary competitor overcoming the ever-hungry Human Wrecking Ball. Look for Ryback to run over Jericho and leave the six-time World Champion Shell Shocked. WINNER: Ryback

Anthony Benigno: Can two failed attempts at the WWE Title cost the ravenous Ryback his bite? The evidence seems to suggest so. Look for Y2J to capitalize on the de-fanged “Wrecking Ball.” WINNER: Jericho

John Clapp: Ryback has appeared uncharacteristically human of late, and Y2J — despite an obvious strength disadvantage — is the type of calculating vet who’s capable of exploiting the Shell-Shocking Superstar’s weaknesses. WINNER: Jericho

Ryback: 3, Jericho: 2

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