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July 14, 2013

PHILADELPHIA – Both Chris Jericho and Ryback sought redemption following their respective defeats at WWE Payback. With their paths crossing at Money in Bank, WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion and the monstrous Superstar collided in a contest of experience against pure aggression. Unfortunately for Y2J, the energy inside the City of Brotherly Love just wasn’t enough to overcome Ryback’s hunger.


Inside Philly’s Wells Fargo Center, Jericho relied on his knowledge inside the squared circle to keep The Human Wrecking Ball at bay. In the early moments of the contest, it appeared that Ryback was nervous to compete against a competitor of Jericho’s stature. The hungry Superstar’s injured left leg remained an unknown variable, but he wasn’t showing any definitive weakness.

Once the trepidation subsided, the two competitors got a feel for each other before Ryback took control. The monstrous Superstar’s strategy was wisely methodical, consisting of powerful strikes and dominant technical maneuvers designed to keep Jericho grounded. Although Jericho attempted to target Ryback’s leg, the massive Sin City native remained seemingly unfazed and in control.

Putting his resilience on display, the 6-time World Champion was relentless. After withstanding a Meathook clothesline and having his first attempted Codebreaker countered, Jericho’s second attempt at his patented maneuver was successful near the ropes, sending Ryback to the outside. Once more the Superstars exchanged momentum, with Jericho masterfully countering Ryback’s Shell Shocked into a high-impact DDT, seemingly putting the match firmly in Y2J’s favor.

With the Philadelphia faithful pulsating with excitement, Jericho attempted to end Ryback’s night with a Lionsault, but the Human Wrecking Ball avoided certain defeat and – using his size as leverage – rolled up Jericho to pick up the victory.

For a bout that was made inside the office of former Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero only weeks before Money in the Bank, one might think that Chris Jericho and Ryback were mortal enemies with years of animosity between them. Ultimately, though, at WWE Money in the Bank, Ryback’s hunger proved to be a greater force than Jericho’s insults and experience.

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