Primo & Epico def. The Prime Time Players

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July 15, 2012

PHOENIX — Primo and Epico spoiled The Prime Time Players’ party and shook things up in the tag team division at Money in the Bank, defeating the No. 1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Titles in surprising fashion. (PHOTOS)

With the champions, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth, joining the commentary team at ringside, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young were out to show the champs what the future held for them.

Unfortunately for O'Neil and Young, the pair from Puerto Rico had retribution on their minds in Phoenix. From the opening bell, Primo and Epico were on fire, using speed and finesse to outclass their opponents. The Prime Time Players temporarily cooled off their opponents, beating Epico down in the corner while keeping him away from Primo. However, Epico managed to tag in his cousin Primo, who bounced off every corner, attacking Young and O’Neil from above.

Young looked to have things wrapped up, reversing one of Primo’s dives into a vicious gutbuster. Young gloated for just a few seconds too long, though. Primo surprised him by reversing his pinning attempt and picking up the win for he and Epico.

The victory is extra sweet for Rosa Mendes’ tandem. Young and O’Neil’s manager, A.W., originally signed Primo and Epico to All World Promotions, but bamboozled the cousins out of their guaranteed rematch at the titles and turned on them to join The Prime Time Players.

However, Young, O’Neil and A.W. were quick to remind Primo and Epico that they were still the No. 1 contenders after the match. The Prime Time Players then turned their attention to Truth and Kingston at ringside. A.W.’s trash talking to the WWE Tag Team Champions earned him a faceful of water from R-Truth, causing the agent to throw his shoes off and rush after the champions. Young and O’Neil slipped around in the water to prevent their manager from attacking R-Truth and Kofi Kingston.

The Prime Time Players have made it clear their focus is on the WWE Tag Team Titles, but they may have to look out, because Primo and Epico will not leave the tag team title picture quietly.

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