Battle ready: Recapping Cena’s big-match “firsts”

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July 02, 2012

First televised match – SmackDown (June 27, 2002)

As celebrated on last week, Cena’s first televised match happened a decade ago this week. Answering the open challenge of gold medalist wrestler Kurt Angle, a peppery young Cena showed lots of grit and determination in his TV debut. However, what he had in spirit he lacked in experience, and Angle cinched in a pinning maneuver for the win. Though Cena’s night ended in defeat, whatever early damage was done to his win-loss record was more than made up for by the lasting impression he made on the WWE Universe and the WWE locker room. After the match, several roster veterans, including The Undertaker, congratulated Cena on his impressive first outing.

Would Cena improve upon his showing in his first match on pay-per-view?

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