John Cena def. JBL

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May 18, 2008

OMAHA, Neb. -- John "Bradshaw" Layfield said he'd introduce John Cena to a world of pain at Judgment Day. But after Cena defeated the self-made millionaire in stunning fashion at the Qwest Center Sunday night, JBL was the one left hurting in the latest chapter of their intense rivalry.

In a barnburner between two former WWE Champions, the financial tycoon took it to the Chain Gang commander, dominating the match throughout as he sought retribution for Cena's alleged interference a month earlier at Backlash.

JBL specifically targeted Cena's surgically-repaired shoulder, looking to get an early submission from the former champ. He continued to brutally punish Cena with thunderous punches and submission maneuvers.

But the resilient Cena was able to absorb everything JBL threw at him. Despite collapsing in pain during a previous FU attempt, Cena bounced back and picked his spot. He caught the tycoon leaning forward, and quickly scooped up JBL for the FU and picked up the three-count.

The sour JBL raged through the locker room after the match, furious that he let a great opportunity slip away. His dreams of climbing the championship ladder were temporarily stymied by Cena, whose strong recovery and surprising victory out of seemingly nowhere has a return to the WWE Championship on the minds and hearts of his loyal fans.

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