Women's Champion Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix & Melina (Triple Threat Match)

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January 27, 2008

OMAHA, Neb. -- Mickie James was the ultimate Triple Threat Diva at Judgment Day, when she retained the Women's Championship against Beth Phoenix and Melina. While James came out on top, Phoenix and Melina -- both former Women's Champions -- were skilled, powerful challengers for her.

Melina was still seething over Monday's Raw, when her former ally, Phoenix, brutally attacked her in the locker room as Jillian looked on. While Melina was out for revenge against The Glamazon, she also had the women's title set in her eyes. But Phoenix, who was also seeking to regain the Women's Championship, physically dominated much of the Judgment Day Triple Threat Match.

At one point, The Glamazon dexterously and mightily held both James and Melina above her head for several moments. However, Phoenix's strength could only carry her so far. After Melina knocked The Glamazon out of the ring, James capitalized on the one-on-one situation she had with Melina. The swift Women's Champion hit Melina with a thunderous DDT and pinned her for the win.

While a vengeful Melina and a dominant Phoenix were fierce competitors for James, the crafty Women's Champion's clever thinking and quick moves were exactly what she needed to retain her gold at Judgment Day.

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