Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms def. Super Crazy

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May 21, 2006

After a brief hiatus, the Cruiserweight Championship was back in action at Judgment Day. Gregory Helms, the self-proclaimed "greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time" lived up to his billing on this night, even if it was in controversial fashion. Helms used a Powerbomb into a pinning combination with his feet on the ropes to gain the victory over a more than game challenger in Super Crazy.

The SmackDown exclusive cruiserweights once again threatened to steal the show as the match was full of exciting high-risk maneuvers. At one point, Helms was outside the ring attempting to regroup from a recent assault. When Super Crazy lined up the prone Champion for a dive to the outside, the ref stepped in and attempted to prevent the Mexicool from causing any permanent damage to either of the competitors. At the encouragement of the fans, Super Crazy ignored referee Nick Patrick's advice and jumped clear over both him and the ring ropes, landing square on his downed opponent. 

Unfortunately for the fan favorite Super Crazy, it wasn't meant to be on this night. A more than spirited fight came up short when Gregory Helms used the ropes to gain leverage for the pin. The "greatest" Cruiserweight Champion remained just that on this night, as he narrowly escaped his courageous challenger.

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