Mark Henry def. Kurt Angle (countout)

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May 21, 2006

Mark Henry defeated Kurt Angle via count out, but just as his mouthpiece said, Angle was out for revenge at Judgment Day, and he got it. After the match, Angle snapped, and tore into the big man with a steel chair several times, and Angle Slammed him onto the announce table.

The match started in the ring, but it couldn't contain the fury of these two, as they eventually brawled to the outside. Mark Henry wound up picking Kurt up in a mammoth bear hug, and ran him directly into the ring post, nearly breaking the Wrestling Machine in half.

While Angle was writhing in agony on the floor, Henry was able to make it back into the ring before the referee reached the count of 10. Angle, however, was not able to do the same, as Henry nearly shattered Angle's already cracked ribs, leaving him down for the count on the outside.

After Henry was declared the winner, Angle and his drive for revenge took control, as the Wrestling Machine went ballistic, mercilessly attacking Henry with a steel chair. Kurt wasn't done though, he tried to break Henry's ankle with an Ankle Lock to gain some measure of revenge on Henry for taking him out of the King of the Ring Tournament.

It took several agents and referees to get Kurt off Henry, and have him release the hold. This only led to Angle giving the behemoth Henry an Angle Slam onto the commentators' table and cracking him in the head with another vengeful blow from a steel chair. Henry was out cold on impact and the giant fell, crushing the table under his overwhelming frame.

As indicated by Angle's mouthpiece, which had the word revenge written on it, Angle's purpose in this match was just that, revenge. On this night, Angle proved that neither cracked ribs nor a count out can stop the Wrestling Machine.

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