The Great Khali def. Undertaker

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May 21, 2006

Undertaker has been down before, but he always seems to get up. Even after losses, the Deadman usually finds a way to ominously sit up and stare his opponent in the eye. But Judgment Day was different. The Phenom was completely dominated for the first time in his illustrious career, and laid motionless in the ring following the dominating defeat.

Undertaker endured a wide array of monstrous punches, chops and kicks from The Great Khali and kept coming back. The Deadman even hit Old School, but after failing to hit a chokeslam, The Great Khali took his humoungous hand and chopped Undertaker right on the head. Then to finish him off, the monster of a man nearly took the Phenom's head off with a brutal boot. Then, to add insult to injury, The Great Khali pinned Undertaker by simply placing his foot on the Deadman's chest for the victory.

Needless to say, The Great Khali's manager Daivari was ecstatic after the match.

"All hail The Great Khali -- the man who slayed the Phenom," said Daivari. "History was made at Judgment Day -- the day Undertaker finally met his match. Undertaker, rest in peace."

Before the match, Undertaker's spirit was in question. If the Deadman's spirit was broken before this match, how could it have survived this beating? The Great Khali destroyed a legend at Judgment Day, but will the Phenom really just rest in peace after such a defeat?

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