Intercontinental Champion John Morrison def. Dolph Ziggler

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September 17, 2009

NEWARK, N.J. -- Since making SmackDown his home in the 2009 WWE Draft, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison has kept his head in the stars and his feet planted firmly on the mat, despite a growing rivalry with the aggressive, young up-and-comer, Dolph Ziggler. Though the bleached-blonde Superstar put up an impressive fight at Hell in a Cell, it was Morrison who emerged victorious, retaining his coveted title to the delight of the WWE Universe. (PHOTOS)

As the two young Superstars squared off in the ring, it was clear that they had a hard-fought match ahead of them. Both competitors have a reputation in the locker room for being extremely athletic and aggressive ring warriors, even by WWE standards. Both Morrison and Ziggler's drive was apparent as the the match turned from the Intercontinental Champion's favor, to his opponent's and back again. But despite Ziggler's impressive attempts to use his amateur background to ground Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy sealed his victory with a well-timed lift-off of Starship Pain.

This thrilling contest for the Intercontinental Championship was so evenly-matched not only because of the impressive skills of the competitors, but also due to their recent skirmishes on SmackDown. After defeating both Finlay and Mike Knox to become No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title, Ziggler doggedly pursued The Friday Night Delight, with the two ring warriors trading pinfalls over the course of several close match-ups. While Morrison attempted to keep their rivalry in perspective by referring to the Hollywood, Fla. native as "Mr. Ziggles," the new nickname only served to further infuriate the arrogant Superstar.

Though John Morrison left Hell in a Cell with championship gold still around his waist, and having proven his dominance over Dolph Ziggler, the two Superstars will be forced to coexist on SmackDown in less than a week. Are Friday nights large enough to contain the immense talent of these two Superstars -- not to mention Ziggler's ego? Or will the WWE Universe be treated to another collision between two of WWE's most impressive young ring warriors?

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