Hell in a Cell by the numbers

20 feet tall, five tons – the size of Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell

The Hell in a Cell can maim Superstars and alter the courses of their careers in the blink of an eye. However, the true scope of the Cell does not truly set in for the Superstars and the WWE Universe until the ominous structure lowers from the ceiling and engulfs the ring.

Standing more than 20 feet tall, Hell in a Cell makes monstrous Superstars like Big Show and Mark Henry look downright tiny. The destructive cage is comprised of five tons of steel chain link fence designed to rip at a competitor’s flesh and make them reconsider their life choices.

The unbelievably massive Hell in a Cell gives whoever dares step inside it plenty of square footage to smash, slam, climb, jump off and do whatever else they can think of. That’s what makes it perhaps the most dangerous match in all of WWE.