Hell in a Cell by the numbers

29 - Number of Superstars to battle in Hell in a Cell

Paul Heyman and Daniel Bryan will be the 30 and 31st unique competitors to enter the cage, respectively, when they compete at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 27 in Miami. The 29 Superstars who have come before them are an impressive mix of Hall of Famers, legends and current top talent.

Hell in a Cell 2013: Bryan vs Orton | Punk vs. Heyman & Ryback

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels were the very first Superstars to set foot in the treacherous cage. Over the next 16 years, grapplers from Triple H to Ted DiBiase and Mr. McMahon to The Big Boss Man have waged war inside the titanic cage. Few of them were ever the same after they took part in Hell in a Cell.