Los Matadores def. The Real Americans

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October 27, 2013

When Fernando and Diego, two athletic bullfighters made their WWE debut one month ago, who could have predicted that the fun-loving rookies would quickly become entangled in one of the ring’s most emotional rivalries? The duo was quickly targeted by the xenophobic Zeb Colter and his two Real American henchmen – Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro.

Before the score-settling grudge match got underway in Miami, Zeb’s ranting continued. The war veteran referred to Los Matadores and their tiny El Torito amigo as “border-hopping banditos.” Ignoring Zeb’s taunts, the exciting pair of toreadors began the contest by utilizing a series to acrobatic maneuvers to counteract the size and  strength of Swagger and Cesaro.

Watch El Torito go after ZebView photos of pay-per-view encounter

The resolute toughness of The Real Americans soon became a bit much for the much smaller Matadores, who suffered a Swagger Bomb that immediately led into a sternum-crushing leap frog double-stomp from  Cesaro. The mighty Swissman took control, isolating one of the rookies and executing the Cesaro  Swing. This one seemed to lose some steam midway through, but Cesaro found new life and completed the dizzying carousel with a remarkable 31 rotations.

Soon after, each team made a tag and Swagger suffered  an eye-catching swinging implant DDT. Cesaro nailed his opponent into the barricade at ringside while Swagger secured a Patriot Lock inside the ring on the other. But with Zeb’s corps seemingly in control, one miscue led to a tag by the Matadores, an impactful double-team bulldog and the elementary pinfall.

Following the bell, Zeb somehow found himself hunched over and pounding on the canvas in frustration. In the ring it was only a celebrating pair of Matadores, their miniature bull, Colter and his mustache. When Cesaro attempted to rescue his coach, he suffered a huricanrana from El Torito. The mini then sent Zeb tumbling out of the ring to the floor with a gore and executed a thrilling high crossbody onto Swagger on the outside. They might be rookies, but this talented threesome certainly lived up to the home arena of LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh on this night. And that’s no bull.

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