Who is Brad Maddox?

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November 01, 2012

“We’re a very, very tight group,” veteran official Charles Robinson said of WWE’s referees. “What we try to do is teach one another and learn from one another. Brad was new, but he’d act like he knew what we were talking about already. He just didn’t listen.”

Senior official Mike Chioda shared the sentiment, describing Maddox as an “outsider,” which is why he was surprised when the rookie — and not a seasoned official — was selected to call such a high-profile match.

“I’m also surprised Punk didn’t contest the choice. Maddox wasn’t exactly on good terms with Punk,” Chioda added, referring to Maddox’s blown call in the John Cena & Sheamus vs. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio bout six weeks ago on Raw, which infuriated both Punk and Heyman. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

He’s also not on good terms with company officials or the WWE Universe. When Maddox returns home from Stamford today, he’ll be left to wonder what’s to come of his career. And fans will be left to wonder why a man with such passion for WWE could show such uncommonly poor judgment.

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