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Superstars and Divas share their idea of hell

As the coming WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view burns its way into the collective minds of the WWE Universe, WWE.com offers the people, places or things that feel like a trip through Dante’s levels of hell to the Superstars and Divas of WWE. Share the dread of some of the toughest competitors in today’s squared circle. 

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

"Hell, to me, is waking up in America every day, going out and seeing Americans in the grocery store — how they behave and how they are overweight. They don’t know how to dress and have absolutely no culture. I have to live with that, every single day. And that is hell to me."

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

"Well Fella, I'd say waking up in the desert in just my wrestling trunks. Its 110 degrees, the sun is shining and there is no sunscreen, anywhere in sight. That’s my idea of hell."

Dolph Ziggler

"Being stuck in the middle seat of a plane ride overseas, with a large person who should have purchased two seats on one side and a screaming baby on the other. I don’t like people talking loudly, crying or sweating on me. That would be a horrific experience for me, aka my hell."

Vickie Guerrero

"Hell? (laughs) It's a place where AJ Lee plays in her playground."

Drew McIntyre

"It’s when your flight is delayed and delayed and delayed and then canceled. Then, you have to get on another flight and you end up being in the airport for another eight hours. Then, that gets canceled all together. Airports … airports are my idea of hell."

Johnny Curtis

My personal idea of hell is a six-hour car ride through a snow storm with Titus O’Neil, as he barks, critiques my driving and eats numerous beef jerkies.

Tyson Kidd

"Well, definitely being stuck in a bizarre world where I compete against Yoshi Tatsu every day and then having to listen to Michael Cole’s commentary while I workout and travel."

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