Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus

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October 28, 2012

Big Show’s onslaught continued outside the ring, where The World’s Largest Athlete relentlessly hurled his adversary over the announcer table.

Back in the squared circle, Sheamus continued to return fire. And with major marks beginning to form all over his body, Sheamus suddenly rammed his No. 1 contender off his feet. Moments later, however, The Celtic Warrior would fall again, tasting the huge boot of Big Show.

After Big Show locked in an excruciating bear hug, Sheamus powered his way out. But when he tried to slam the giant, he ended on his back. Big Show wasted no time climbing the ropes, bringing his full weight down on the champion. However, just when it looked like Sheamus was on his way out for good, with Show poised to hit the chokeslam, Sheamus suddenly countered with an earth-shattering DDT.

As the fierce action continued, Big Show recovered and chokeslammed Sheamus, but to the surprise of the WWE Universe, the resilient champion kicked out! Sheamus, in turn, grabbed momentum and went for the Cloverleaf, only to get tossed out of the ring again.

The tide would turn yet once more, when outside the ring, the World Heavyweight Champion hurled Big Show into the post. He carried his moment back between the ropes, lifting Big Show onto his back and executing White Noise on the gigantic Superstar! 

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