Hardcore Legend's Hell in a Cell advice: Mick Foley's words to Ryback

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October 25, 2012

Should Ryback surmount that challenge, though, The Hardcore Legend said the ravenous newcomer’s objective should be a victory of the most decisive, indisputable fashion. Foley himself lost his most famous Cell matches (the battle with The Undertaker in 1998 and a particularly grisly collision with Triple H in 2000) despite the beatings he inflicted upon them — severe ones, by the way — but he doesn’t recommend Ryback settling for a statement loss.

“There’s a distinct size and strength advantage that Ryback possesses, so you almost look at Punk as if he’s the underdog, even though he’s the WWE Champion,” Foley said. “[But] Ryback has his work cut out for him. He has to make the statement and he has to do it in the course of a victory, and neither one of those is easy to accomplish.”

That would be because, lest the WWE Universe forget, it’s not just Ryback’s legacy that is being called into question here.

“I made it a point to talk [to CM Punk] about the great moments that define who we are as wrestlers,” Foley said, referring to his heated exchange with The Second City Saint a few weeks ago when John Cena was angling to face Punk inside the Cell. Foley memorably argued that beating Cena in the Cell would seal Punk’s status as The Best in the World. Now, he’s slightly changing his tune.

“I think a huge win over Ryback would be even bigger than a victory over John Cena, because John Cena, as great as he is, has been defeated,” Foley said. “It’s not only that Ryback hasn’t been defeated, but also that he hasn’t been touched. A win against Ryback would go a long way toward cementing Punk’s legacy.”

There is, however, one secret The Hardcore Legend will not divulge: Who he thinks will win.

“I hate to make predictions, especially in a match like this that has so many questions surrounding it,” Foley said. “I’m gonna be like everyone else in the WWE Universe: watching, waiting and anticipating.”

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