Sin Cara (blue and gold) def. Sin Cara (black and silver)

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October 02, 2011

NEW ORLEANS – At WWE Hell in a Cell, two Sin Caras collided like two Mexican missiles in a lightning-quick match. (PHOTOS)

The day after WrestleMania XXVII, Sin Cara made his WWE debut. As Mistico, Sin Cara was Mexico’s biggest star and wanted to compete in front of a global audience, the WWE Universe. With a style that would make Sir Isaac Newton second guess his theory of gravity, the leaping luchador had an aerial arsenal of maneuvers that WWE fans had never seen before and would never see again … or would they?

In spite of his tremendous ability, the international sensation's career came to a sudden halt when he was injured during the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July. When Sin Cara returned – sooner than doctors advised – he clearly added about 10 pounds of muscle and even more impressive, added athletically aesthetic maneuvers. He also exhibited an unsportsmanlike aggression not seen before.

The situation would only become more puzzling. On the Sept. 16 edition of SmackDown, we learned that there was not one, but two Sin Caras in WWE! Moments after one luchador competed against Daniel Bryan, a second and identically dressed Sin Cara ran down to the ring to confront the first. As the two masked marvels looked each other up and down, the WWE Universe was left speechless. (PHOTOS OF THE SIN CARAS TOGETHER)

In the weeks that followed, tensions continued to grow between the dueling doppelgangers, including multiple physical exchanges that seemed surreal. The WWE Universe continued to wonder, which mysterious masked Superstar was who?

Finally on the Sept. 30 edition of SmackDown, one of the Sin Caras surfaced on the TitanTron, pulling off the distinctive blue and gold mask to reveal a black and silver one. The black and silver Sin Cara pointedly told the world that the blue and gold Sin Cara had stolen his identity as Mistico in the past and proclaimed that their match at WWE Hell in a Cell would decide who would be known as Sin Cara. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Unfortunately for the dark doppelganger, at WWE Hell in a Cell, WWE’s original Sin Cara won a back and forth match that could have gone either way. In fact, the match was so closely contested that the question as to who is the superior Superstar may still remain unanswered.

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