World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry def. Randy Orton (Hell in a Cell Match)

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October 02, 2011

NEW ORLEANS — At WWE Hell in a Cell, the ominous chain link structure after which the pay-per-view is christened became Mark Henry’s “Hell of Pain” – a horrifically modified version of the infamous hall constructed by the World Heavyweight Champion, who overcame a ravenous Randy Orton inside Satan’s Structure. (PHOTOS)

Venomous and title-hungry, The Viper nearly unseated The World’s Strongest Man in a brutal Hell in a Cell Match, demonstrating his experience with the four-sided Devil’s Playground. One of the most dangerous men to ever hold a World Title, Orton unlocked his most ruthless instincts during and, fortunately for him, after the bout, but his 400-pound foe simply could not be stopped.

Enduring a fiery contest of cage wall-contorting combat, Orton and Henry exchanged blows vile enough to rival hell’s resident overlord himself. The defending champion even sustained the challenger’s signature RKO – a move that felled Henry on the final SmackDown before WWE Hell in a Cell, but couldn’t conquer the champion in New Orleans.

It all came down to an errant effort to deliver a skull-rattling punt to the behemoth. WWE’s Apex Predator charged toward Henry, only for him to become susceptible prey and recipient of a World’s Strongest Slam. Pinned and beaten by the same move that cost him the World Heavyweight Title at Night of Champions, The Viper was further mauled by Henry after the bell.

Orton attacks Henry with a chair at WWE Hell in a CellThe World’s Strongest Man rigged Orton’s leg within the chair and sought to perhaps cripple Orton in a fashion similar to the injured Big Show, Kane and The Great Khali. The Viper, however, slithered free from the champion’s avalanching girth then viciously swatted at his mammoth enemy with the steel weapon – out of the ring and up the ramp, forcing Henry to flee the arena.

Much like that of Satan himself, the forked tongue of The Viper flicked wildly as he unleashed remnant aggression onto The World’s Strongest Man. For good reason, too. As hellacious the 20-foot-tall steel structure is and as hellishly painful as the conflict within it was, true hell for Randy Orton is actually leaving New Orleans without possession of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Despite the lashing Henry must admit he suffered at the hands of The Apex Predator, The World’s Strongest Man walks forth from his first battle in The Devil’s Playground with even more momentum. Doubters be damned, indeed – and, locker room, be warned: The Hall of Pain is accepting new applicants.

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