WWE’s 10 rulers of 'Hell'

#10 Mark Henry

Win-loss record: 1-0
Conquered opposition: Randy Orton

Mark Henry does not have a wealth of experience competing inside Hell in a Cell, but if his one-and-only voyage inside the career-shortening structure was any indication, The World’s Strongest Man’s brand of punishment was custom-made for the Cell. Defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton at WWE Hell in a Cell 2011, Henry used his unworldly strength to maul WWE’s Apex Predator, at times appearing as though his aim was to push Orton through the chain-link mesh like a human meat grinder.

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The World’s Strongest Man alternated between ramming Orton into the ring post and the Cell’s unforgiving steel walls. Although The Viper was fortunate enough to dodge Henry’s most heinous strategy — launching the ring steps toward Orton’s head — he was unable to avoid a devastating over-the-shoulder powerslam on the floor and a litany of backbreakers. Henry’s impressive single outing is more than enough to warrant inclusion among Hell’s “rulers.”