Seven matches with extreme(ly unique) rules

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May 08, 2013

Province of Quebec Rules

The Province of Quebec rule set sprang up once in WWE history, during a World Tag Team Championship bout between then-champions The Steiner Bros. and, fittingly enough, The Quebecers. The rules, petitioned for by Jacques & Pierre, were a hodgepodge of bylaws used in territories everywhere but WWE: Throwing an opponent over the top rope constituted a disqualification (not unlike old school NWA rules), as did performing any offensive move from the top rope (a no-no during Bill Watts’ time in charge of WCW). Piledrivers were outlawed, in an unintentional nod to lucha libre tradition.

Most importantly, at least as far as the Steiners were concerned, was the declaration that the Tag Team Championships could change hands on a count-out or a disqualification.

That particular rule proved to be Rick & Scott’s undoing when Scott used the hockey stick belonging to Quebecers manager Johnny  Polo (who would go on to become Raven) and whacked Jacques with it, in full view of the referee.

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